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For the past three years in a row, the Direct-to-Garment winner of the annual Impressions Award has relied on FIREBIRD products. The repeated winner of the contest, Gerald Cantalupo, has used FIREBIRD in each  Impressions Award winning shirt since the brand first became available. Team Glitter, this year’s second place winner, also used FIREBIRD FBX-100 Pretreatment to achieve an outstanding print. Mr. Cantalupo also won third place.

This should be no surprise to anyone familiar with Direct to Garment printing. FIREBIRD Pretreatments are a necessity for any shop looking for the best print quality and our inks are recognized worldwide. FIREBIRD has also won the SGIA Product of the Year Award in  2016, 2014, and when the brand first began in 2013. With so many  championship awards since it became available and use in thousands of  shops across the globe, FIREBIRD is the undisputed champion of DTG  products.
Non-Staining FBX-100™ DTG Pretreatment
The NEW! FIREBIRD FBX-100™ DTG Pretreatment was created with you in mind. Below are some of the key benefits to using our FBX-100™ DTG Pretreatment with all of your Direct To Garment Prints.

• Maximum White Ink Opacity for vibrant DTG prints, 33% brighter than other pretreatment brands
• Non-Staining DTG Pretreatment on BOTH Dark AND Light Colored Garments (Patent-pending)
• Advanced Washability, protects from color fade and fibers from unraveling (minimal “fibrillation”)
• Apply LESS, Get MORE, use 50% less pretreatment than other brands to obtain optimal color
• Wide-Open Application Window, easy to use and repeat perfect prints with excellent wash
• Incredibly soft hand feel, does not “starch” the t-shirt
• Compatible with many garments, apply to 100% Cotton, and Polyester Blends with FIREBIRD Ink
• Versatile Curing Methods: heat press, conveyor dryer, hang dry
• Long Shelf-Life, guaranteed for use up to one and a half years from date of manufacture
• Easy To Use, no shaking is required since FBX-100 does not settle or develop chunks of solids
• PROFITABLE, FBX-100 is the best deal in DTG
• Money-Back-Guarantee: Try FBX-100 and let FIREBIRD Ink prove the above benefits to you and your DTG business
• Low Odor
FireBird DTG Ink (USA)UkuranHarga / Warna

Firebird DTG Ink CYMK100mlKlik Link ini
Firebird DTG Ink CYMK
Firebird DTG Ink CYMK
Firebird DTG Ink CYMK
1 Liter

Pretreatment FBX-100 (Dark)1 Liter

Pretreatment FBX-Vivid (Light)1 Liter
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